Faculty & Staff

NAME Position
Engr. Nikko Roland L. Manuel Planning Engineer
Mr. Larry Ibatuan President's Driver
Mr. Francis Cavigo Executive Office Manager
Ms. Kynlet Domingo Presidential Staff
Mr. Francis Anthony Mari Security Consultant-Security Liaison to the President
Ms. Lyra Columna Presidential Staff
Mr. Julius C. Perez Presidential Driver
Ms. Cindy Grace Constantino Personal Assistant of the President
Mr. Jermiah J. Tumaliuan Control Center Specialist
Mr. Macpaul S. Catubag Control Center Specialist
Mr. Rovillo D. Casibang Jr. Control Center Specialist
Mr. Loreto Reymundo Presidential Driver
Mrs. Maryann S. Perez Liaison Officer, College of Health
Mrs. Aileen T. Collado QMS, Liaison to the President
NAME Position
Mrs. Emma A. Ambrocio Sec. to the Sr. Executive Vice President
Mr. Joel Quimpo Personnal Assistant to the Executive Vice President
NAME Position
Ms. Nenie P. Sibal Finance Specialist
Mrs. Rowenalyn R. Aquio Finance Specialist
NAME Position
Mr. Jeffrey N. Birung Clerk, Cashier's Office
Mr. Mark C. Nera Clerk, Cashier's Office
Ms. Lea Molina Clerk, Cashier's Office
Ms. Elyssa Mae Sawit Clerk, Cashier's Office
NAME Position
Ms. Ericka Tapulao Accounting Clerk
Ms. Marites M. Balisi General Bookkeeper
Ms. Kathlene C. Dauan Accounting Clerk
Ms. Sanshine Paat Payroll Officer
NAME Position
Ms. Ruena R. Padios Accounting Clerk
NAME Position
Ms. Rhonabel P. Tumaliuan Secretary, Internal Auditor
Ms. Krizza Mae Talay Secretary, Internal Auditor
Ms. Kristine Cabaya Secretary, Internal Auditor
Ms. Emi Tabao Secretary, Internal Auditor
NAME Position
Ms. Jovel Ñina Eduarte Procurement Clerk/Finance Staff
NAME Position
Mr. Donald Q. Talaue Human Resource Evaluation Specialist
Ms. Julie B. Soriano Human Resource Training Specialist
Ms. Ronajane M. Urias Human Resource Relations Specialist
Ms. Lorna B. Tolentino Human Resource Recruitment and Placement Specialist
Mr. Mark Alvin C. Malenab Human Resource Training Specialist
NAME Position
Ms. Mencina Bunagan Secretary to the VP for Academics
Mr. Jhonellson Sibbaluca Assistant Secretary to the Vice President for Academics
Mr. Ace Dayag Tabing LMS Administrator
NAME Position
Mr. Gregorio A. Trelles, Jr. Research Enumerator
Ms. Maria M. Felipe Research Assistant
Mr. Abraham B. Untal Jr. Research Assistant
Mr. Erick Delos Santos Graphic Editor
Mr. Jamaica De Leon Publication Specialist
NAME Position
Mrs. Marites S. Taguba Chief of Quality Assurance Office
Ms. Abihail Saldo QAO, Clerk
Ms. Janine Lim QAO, Clerk
Ms. Melva V. Salem QAO, Clerk
Ms. Keeiana Ubias QAO, Officer
NAME Position
Mr. Crisboy G. Abarra Network Administrator
Mr. Efren B. Baggay Server Administrator
Mr. Ryan Jay Campos University Programmer
Mr. Ermilou Kevin Lopez Computer Technician
Mr. Daryll John Concha Computer Technician
Mr. Engelo Maggay Computer Technician
Mr. Christian Villanueva Computer Technician
NAME Position
Mrs. Analyn C. Acorda Records Custodian/Liaison Officer (Newsite Campus)
Ms. Geraljean G. Verzo Records Custodian
Mrs. Emily A. Delos Santos Records Custodian
Mrs. Beverly L. Somera Records Custodian
Mrs. Claribel P. Novo Records Custodian
Mrs. Melanie B. Catabay Records Custodian
Mr. Jerome E. Palejo Records Custodian
Ms. Marie Maggay Records Custodian
Mr. Edgar Castaneda Records Custodian
NAME Position
Ms. Wilma Seminiano Clinical Assistant
Ms. Jemaica Toribio Clinical Assistant
Ms. Sheryll Pesigan School Nurse
Mr. Azrael Santiago Clinical Assistant
Ms. Angel Mamba Clinical Assistant
Ms. Cristel Jurado Clinical Assistant
Ms. Kathleen Delos Reyes Clinical Assistant
NAME Position
Ms. Nelle Ashley Arellano Physical Inventory Clerk
Mr. Romar Galletes Properties & Laboratory Custodian
NAME Position
Mr. Jason D. Baligod Airconditioning Technician
Mr. Jonasan A. Delos Santos Electrician
Mr. Joshua Narag Electrician
Mr. Manuel Edma Electrician
Mr. Arnel Accad Electrician
Mr.Paul John Calayan Airconditioning Technician
Mr. Ariel Conag Electrician
NAME Position
Ms. Maricris P. Tagumasi Psychometrician/ Associate Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Roxanne S. Arugay Associate Guidance Counselor
Ms. Angelie L. Macarubbo Associate Guidance Counselor
Mr. Loven P. Paguirigan Associate Guidance Counselor
Ms. Jema Yadan Associate Guidance Counselor
Ms. Irene Mae Ibuna Associate Guidance Counselor
Ms. Marcelanie V. Canapi Associate Guidance Counselor
Mr. Marjo A. Duquez Associate Guidance Counselor
Ms. Eronika B. Manding Associate Guidance Counselor
Ms. Nerizza Unabia Associate Guidance Counselor
Ms. Cristine Tejano Associate Guidance Counselor
NAME Position
Mr. Jojo N. Birung Clerk, University Shop
Mr. Jefrrey R. Viloria Clerk, University Shop
Mrs. Eden C. Fernando Clerk, University Shop
Ms. Mariella Iris Rey Clerk, University Shop
Ms. Cristy Reyes Clerk, University Shop
NAME Position
Mrs. Citas L. Caraggayan Asst. Librarian
Mrs. Gina D. Urolaza Asst. Librarian
Mr. Christopher Abara Audio Visual Technician
Mr. Jan Vincent Urata Audio Visual Technician
Ms. Rhema P. Badeo Librarian
Ms. Elma S. Eclarin Librarian
NAME Position
Mrs. Elenita C. Samo Dance Master
Mr. Mike C. Abaya Music Master
Mrs. Zeny C. Conde Scholarship Coordinator, Student Affairs
Mr. Ricky D. Santillan TES Encoder
NAME Position
Mr. Jose D. Tumanguil Senior Maintenance Personnel
Mr. Joseph Samo Focal Person of the Greyhounds Gymnasium
Mr. Rey Accad Maintenance
Mr. Rolando Balacanao Maintenance
Ms. Flora Ballad Maintenance
Ms. Jeanes Baligod Maintenance
Mr. Elimar Bucayu Maintenance
Mr. Jose Bucayu Maintenance
Mr. Richard Bunagan Maintenance
Mr. Eduardo Caraggayan Maintenance
Mr. Joel Danao Maintenance
Mr. Roland Fernandez Maintenance
Mr. Antonio Jr. Fragas Maintenance
Mr. Nelson Fragas Maintenance
Ms. Marites M Guiquing Maintenance
Mr. Angelito Masirag Maintenance
Mr. Edwin Ravago Maintenance
Mr. Reynaldo Reyes Maintenance
Mr. Robert Reyes Maintenance
Mr. Rodrigo Jr. Reyes Maintenance
Mr. Marlon Sagun Maintenance
Mr. Ricardo Tabing Maintenance
Mr. Richard Taguna Maintenance
Mr. Glen Tallud Maintenance
Mr. Loreto Tumanguil Maintenance
Mr. Andres Ballad Maintenance
Mr. Richard Caliguiran Maintenance
Mr. James Ultu Maintenance
Mr. Jofrey Guiquing Maintenance
Mr. Ferdinand Sagun Maintenance
Mr. Florentino Acorda Maintenance
Mr. Frank Baligod Carpenters
Mr. Enrique Cepeda Carpenters
Mr. Jorly Langcay Carpenters
Mr. Ariel Montemayor Carpenters
Mr. Mc Jovan Narag Carpenters
Mr. Oscar Quilang Carpenters
Mr. Levie Tumamao Carpenters
Mr. Louie Tumamao Carpenters
Mr. Ronaldo Taguna Carpenters
Mr. Roy Taguna Carpenters
NAME Position
Mr. Kenny C. Escalante Pantry Coordinator
NAME Position
Ms. Elsa B. Evangelista Secretary College of Law
Judge Racquel C. Reyes Aglaua Part-time Professors
Judge Mira Minda Cabulisan Callangan Part-time Professors
Judge Jezarene C. Aquino Part-time Professors
Judge Gemma B. Madrid Part-time Professors
Judge Edmar Pascual Castillo, Sr. Part-time Professors
Prosecutor Susan Flores Danao Part-time Professors
Prosecutor Eric-John S. Calagui Part-time Professors
Atty. Alona Duruin Gazmen- Howard Part-time Professors
Atty. Helga Anne Treasure Ayuyang Part-time Professors
Atty Christopher B. Narag Part-time Professors
Atty. Edgar Ramones Lara Part-time Professors
Atty. Mila Perpetua Catabay Lauigan Part-time Professors
Atty. Domingo Angelo F. Cayosa Part-time Professors
Atty. Roderick Bautista Part-time Professors
Atty. Ma. Lourdes R. Baricaua Part-time Professors
Atty. Mary Marjorie P. Martin- Chan Part-time Professors
Atty. Myra Beatriz De Leon Part-time Professors
Atty. Gavin C. Ong Part-time Professors
Atty. Ma. Clarissa Excelsis V. De Mesa Part-time Professors
Atty. Eduardo L. De Mesa, Jr. Part-time Professors
NAME Position
Mr. Melvin Laggui Calimag COH Faculty
Mrs. Arleen Jocelyn Manuela Alvarado Bangan COH Faculty
Mrs. Girlie Cagurangan COH Faculty
Mrs. Catherine Casasola Maribbay COH Faculty
Mrs. Leonora Attaban Sario COH Faculty
Mrs. Cassius Clay Madrid COH Faculty
Mr. Dayrel Guinucay COH Faculty
Mr. Mac Paul V. Alariao COH Faculty
Mr. Cassius Clay Madrid COH Faculty
Ms. Honelyn T. Abad COH Faculty
Ms. Mary Grace Ramos Laboratory Custodian
NAME Position
Mrs. Leah Vargas SBA Faculty
Ms. Leanizel E. Lara SBA Faculty
Mr. Alfredo Cariaga SBA Faculty
Ms. Jenifer F. Suyu SBA Faculty
Ms. Digna P. Tolentino SBA Faculty
Ms. Almay R. Tuddao SBA Faculty
Mr. Manrico Baricaua SBA Faculty
Ms. Jovie-Nelva Tuliao SBA Faculty
Mr. Johnny Gerardo SBA Faculty
Mr. Alford Sery A. Cammayo SBA Faculty
Mr. Kenneth Dexter Mark Tablatin SBA Faculty
Mr. Johnny A. Gerardo SBA Faculty
Ms. Baby Aloha Ocayo SBA Faculty
NAME Position
Ms. Cely Beth S. Bacud CIT Faculty
Ms. Apriliza M. Carag CIT Faculty
Ms. Mary Rose F. Esteban CIT Faculty
Ms. Raquel Gumpal CIT Faculty
Mr. Marc Jayson L. Ibay CIT Faculty
Mr. Jamescarl S. Padaong CIT Faculty
Mr. Randy L. Tabaog CIT Faculty
Ms. Marie Michelle Mangligot Laboratory Asst.
NAME Position
Mr. Muzanuri P. Mustairo CME Faculty
Mr. Marlowe Cris B. Mencero OIC Shipboard Training Officer Engine/ Development Leader
Mr. Lye John Carlo Z. Tarun CME Faculty
Mr. Sergio Turingan CME Faculty
Mr. John Mark S. Eumenda CME Faculty
Mr. Henry Penetrante CME Faculty
Mr. Serafin R. Soriano CME Faculty
Mr. Lolita Cabalza CME Faculty
Mr. Ernesto Foronda CME Faculty
Mr. John Q. Tumacay CME Faculty
Mr. Mighty Joy Anciado CME Faculty
Mr. Neil Patrick Vera Cruz CME Faculty
Mr. Gerard Aquino CME Faculty
Mr. Brainard Kristian Reyes CME Faculty
Mr. Mon-Errol Moises CME Faculty
Mr. Rubern Agbayani CME Faculty
Mr. Andre Benjamin Gianni Martinez CME Faculty
Ms. May Espher Amarille Secretary of the Dean of Maritime Education
Mrs. Mariflor P. Saguibo Clerk, STO Marine Engineering
Mr. Dexter Moralit Laboratory Technician
Mr. John Clark Bentillo Laboratory Technician
Mr. Richard Mahinay Laboratory Technician
NAME Position
Mr. Clifford R. Baret Automotive Laboratory Asst.
Mr. Resty Lagajet Automotive Laboratory Asst.
Mr. Rolando Mallillin Paguirigan COT Faculty
Mr. Ronnel Bunagan COT Faculty
Mr. Reynald Guittu COT Faculty
Mr. Domingo Maggay COT Faculty
Mr. MC Marlen Domingo COT Faculty
Mr. Nanciso Caurel COT Faculty
NAME Position
Ms. Ma Christina Bragais Secretary, Dean School of Criminology
Mr. Joeffrey D. Calimag SOC Faculty
Ms. Jhermeinne Escobar SOC Faculty
Ms. Chriszalette Gammad SOC Faculty
Mr. Leopoldo Maramag SOC Faculty
Ms. Reylyn Natividad SOC Faculty
Ms. Jovelyne Remigio SOC Faculty
Mr. Benedick Rosales SOC Faculty
Ms. Riza E. Torio SOC Faculty
Ms. Marison Valenciano SOC Faculty
Ms. Angelica Layos SOC Faculty
Ms. Reasel Joy Mariano SOC Faculty
Mr. Mark Jade Palattao SOC Faculty
Ms. Willialyne Pascual SOC Faculty
Ms. Jan May Tabigne SOC Faculty
Ms. Kricielle Valencia SOC Faculty
Mr. Joel Diciano SOC Faculty
Mr. Drexler Abides SOC Faculty
Ms. Michelle Alliovida SOC Faculty
Mr. Leif Mark Aguinaldo SOC Faculty
Mr. Keith Wilson Vincent Andrada SOC Faculty
Ms. Manilee Kaye Banisal SOC Faculty
Mr. Steve James Bautista SOC Faculty
Mr. Ronnel Belen SOC Faculty
Ms. Marvie Bilen SOC Faculty
Ms. Janine Bulaqui SOC Faculty
Mr. Loreto Cabasag Jr. SOC Faculty
Mr. Reymark Cabildo SOC Faculty
Ms. Mae Claire Caranguian SOC Faculty
Ms. Valerie Blue Claveria SOC Faculty
Mr. Elymar Collado SOC Faculty
Mr. Juan Cauilan SOC Faculty
Ms. Aprillizza De Guzman SOC Faculty
Dr. Eulalia De Laza SOC Faculty
Ms. Jovita Duruin SOC Faculty
Ms. Ruby Flor Espino SOC Faculty
Mr. Jayvie Rigor SOC Faculty
Mr. David Legasi SOC Faculty
Ms. Genewell Manding SOC Faculty
Mr. Christian Mangada SOC Faculty
Ms. Christy Ann Mogado SOC Faculty
Ms. Irja Orpilla SOC Faculty
Mr. Bladimer Reyes SOC Faculty
Mr. Jel Romero SOC Faculty
Mr. Arthur Sto. Tomas SOC Faculty
Mr. Bernie Talay SOC Faculty
Mr. Clifford Tuddao SOC Faculty
Mr. Mark Rey Tejada SOC Faculty
Ms. Charmagne Uddon SOC Faculty
Mrs. Aiza P. Rosales Secretary, Dean School of Criminology
NAME Position
Engr. Emanuel Peneyra Miguel COE Faculty
Engr. Elimar Cayanan Jayme COE Faculty
Mr. Mario Aquino Laboratory Custodian
Engr. Fritzylei Doctolero Reyes COE Faculty
Engr. Jejomar Estrada Villaroman COE Faculty
Engr. Julius Efren C. Canapi COE Faculty
Engr. Renovir Dulin COE Faculty
Engr. Joey Canapi COE Faculty
Engr. Cristeta Santos COE Faculty
Engr. Roger Agbisit COE Faculty
Engr. Jovanie Cabisares COE Faculty
Engr. Monica Maquema COE Faculty
Engr. Hendrick Dotimas COE Faculty
NAME Position
Ms. Shiela Marie Apostol CSW Faculty
Ms. Ruth Carla A. Balauag CSW Faculty
Ms. Chanda Api CSW Faculty
Mrs. Editha Pagulayan CSW Faculty
Mrs. Rocel Dela Cruz CSW Faculty
Mrs. Wilma Nicolas CSW Faculty
Ms. Mary jane Garcia CSW Faculty
NAME Position
Mrs. Christelyn Florentino Abella SLATE Faculty
Mr. John Lawrence Tomas Ambrocio SLATE Faculty
Mrs. Shirley Atilano Bayoneta SLATE Faculty
Mrs. Joana Balubal Cabauatan SLATE Faculty
Ms. Jennifer Baligod Coballes SLATE Faculty
Dr. Edna Palma Cardenas SLATE Faculty
Dr. Fe Fabros Cordova SLATE Faculty
Mrs. Michi Ann Ragsac Diwata SLATE Faculty
Mr. Jonathan Flora Egano SLATE Faculty
Ms. Kristal Jean Tugagao Fronda SLATE Faculty
Dr. Corazon Gumabay Genobili SLATE Faculty
Mrs. Michelle Chan Lauigan SLATE Faculty
Ms. Maricris Bumaltao Guzman SLATE Faculty
Ms. Mayanne Bosi Macababbad SLATE Faculty
Mr. Mark Angelo Martin Marcos SLATE Faculty
Mr. Tomas Jeremiah Balubal Narag SLATE Faculty
Ms. Applejane Tolentino Osillos SLATE Faculty
Mr. Pedro Laddaran Pagallamman SLATE Faculty
Mr. Albert Ranjo Palatan SLATE Faculty
Ms. Mary Ann Agtarap Pascua SLATE Faculty
Dr. Olivia Bartolome Pasicolan SLATE Faculty
Mr. John Billy Bartolome Soriano SLATE Faculty
Mr. Jose Dadivas Taala SLATE Faculty
Dr. Soledad Raralio Taguibao SLATE Faculty
Mrs. Vivian Parcon Tumaliuan SLATE Faculty
Ms. Maryjane Ayende Tuppil SLATE Faculty
Ms. Marylen De La Rosa Malanot SLATE Faculty
Ms. Babilyn Tamayao SLATE Faculty
Mr. Rjay Cusipag SLATE Faculty
Ms. Arlene Bulaqui SLATE Faculty
Ms. Gerlie Gabriel SLATE Faculty
Ms. Joan Mangada SLATE Faculty
Ms. Jellica Molina SLATE Faculty
Ms. Leonila Narag SLATE Faculty
Mr. Mark Angel Tumaliuan SLATE Faculty
Mr. Richard Agudo SLATE Faculty
Ms. Arlene Joy Arevalo SLATE Faculty
Dr. Eulalia De Laza SLATE Faculty
Mr. Jay-El Reyes SLATE Faculty
Ms. Josephine Villaflor SLATE Faculty
Mr. Melvin Alejandro SLATE Faculty
Mr. Romar Quequegan SLATE Faculty
Dr. Rolando Lolito Culili SLATE Faculty
Mr. Marlon Ramos SLATE Faculty
Mr. Jonas Paul Macabangun SLATE Faculty
Mr. Jerymie Quinagoran SLATE Faculty
Mr. Patrick Lloyd Olarte SLATE Faculty
Mr. Jade Christian Marasigan SLATE Faculty
Ms. Nelle Christine Tanguilan SLATE Faculty
Ms. Jessica Perbin SLATE Faculty
Mr. Stephen Cagurangan SLATE Faculty
Mr. Noel Penetrante SLATE Faculty
Ms. Leah Garcia SLATE Faculty
Mr. Kleyn Baltazar SLATE Faculty
Mr. Kevin Danguilan SLATE Faculty
Mr. Jasper Seth Santiago SLATE Faculty
Mr. Sherwin Ulep SLATE Faculty
Mr. Justine Fomento SLATE Faculty
Ms. Diana Joyce Mabborang SLATE Faculty
Ms. Vanesa Palattao SLATE Faculty
Mr. Dyan Tuppil SLATE Faculty
Ms. Angel Bartolome SLATE Faculty
Ms. Judy Edradan SLATE Faculty
Mr. Samuel Jose Cardenas SLATE Faculty
Ms. Julienne Rhoda Dominiel SLATE Faculty
Mr. William Erro SLATE Faculty
Ms. Maribel Pukin SLATE Faculty
Mr. Michael Bryan Martin SLATE Faculty
Ms. Jade Peralta SLATE Faculty
Ms. Aphses Keila Duque-Banatao SLATE Faculty
Ms. Ma. Olivia Diana Castro SLATE Faculty
Ms. Irish Marie Balisi SLATE Faculty
Ms. Rubyrose Tabua SLATE Faculty
Mr. Tiburcio Gallibu SLATE Faculty
Ms. Vilma Macababbad SLATE Faculty
Dr. Norma Guillermo SLATE Faculty
Ms. Vannesa Tumaliuan SLATE Faculty
Mr. Sammuel Aquino SLATE Faculty
Ms. Evangeline Castillejo SLATE Faculty
Ms. Princess Kae Mallillin SLATE Faculty
Ms. Princess Lou Alluad SLATE Faculty
Mr. Erick Battung SLATE Faculty
Ms. Aurelia C. Tuliao Laboratory Technician
NAME Position
Mr. Dominador R. Aresta Jr. SHS Faculty
Ms. Hazel C. Asejo SHS Faculty
Ms. Janice C. Baquiran SHS Faculty
Ms. Romeo C. Cauilan SHS Faculty
Ms. Jessica Mora Crayo SHS Faculty
Ms. Marie Pearl E. Tallud SHS Faculty
Ms. Ruth Taguinod Gumabay SHS Faculty
NULL Asst. Principal, Senior High- School
Ms. Marilou B. Navarro SHS Faculty
Ms. Karen Joy N. Pagulayan SHS Faculty
Ms. Vivialyn B. Ramos SHS Faculty
Ms. Mina Krizia Carnate Sumbillo SHS Faculty
Ms. Rose Karen Paleg Tenebro SHS Faculty
Ms. Lester M. Tenoso SHS Faculty
Ms. Hazel Ann D. Orata SHS Faculty
Ms. Mary Jane S. Tuliao SHS Faculty
Mr. Webster C. Daniel SHS Faculty
Ms. Jamaica Geronimo SHS Faculty
Ms. Roxanne Langcay SHS Faculty
Ms. Sharmaine P. Aquino SHS Faculty
Ms. Daryll Javen C. Udani SHS Faculty
Ms. MaryJane Saribay SHS Faculty
Ms. Rovilyn Taguinod SHS Faculty
NAME Position
Ms. Myrtle B. Baquiran JHS Faculty
Mrs. Maribel C. Capellan JHS Faculty
Mrs. Abigail Q. Fernandez JHS Faculty
Ms. Kristine Anne Taguna JHS Faculty
Mrs. Michelle Joy N. Mora JHS Faculty
Ms. Donnavi Irece Nicolas JHS Faculty
Mrs. Hanna Mae U. Martinez JHS Faculty
Ms. Melgie Guiyab JHS Faculty
Ms. Kewin A. Mallillin JHS Faculty
NAME Position
MS. Ma. Fatima De la Torre Elementary Faculty
MS. Kristine May Ellorin Elementary Faculty
Mrs. Lorbina Sibal Lacambra Elementary Faculty
Mr. Gemerson Tejada Elementary Faculty
Ms. Valerie Joy Cambri Elementary Faculty
Ms. Hemalynne Mae Dumayag Elementary Faculty
Ms. Mary Joy Tuliao Elementary Faculty
Ms. Pauleen Cahigas Elementary Faculty
Mr. Joedel Catubag Elementary Faculty
NAME Position
Ms. Mariflor Quilang Secretary for Vice President for Administration
NAME Position
Ms. Bonna Caridad Chairman of the Institutional Review Board(IRB)/Recording Secretary of the B.O.D
NAME Position
Ms. Eden Baldemor CHM Faculty
Ms. Nilda Crejado CHM Faculty
Mr. Jeffrey Obedoza CHM Faculty
Mrs. Ednalyn Bunay CHM Faculty
Ms. Ma. Isabel Danao CHM Faculty
Mr. Mark Leo Gante CHM Faculty
Ms. Vee Ann Guizanda CHM Faculty
Ms. Myla Cambri Orolaza CHM Faculty
Mr. Jay Mark Sorbano CHM Faculty
Ms. Gloria Marcos CHM Faculty
Mr. Abraham B. Untal Jr. CHM Faculty
NAME Position
Ms. Maybell Natividad Concierge Specialist
Ms. Jemma Pagunuran Concierge Specialist
Mr. Reverson Thomas Concierge Specialist
Ms. Gaizel anne Payuyo Concierge Specialist
Ms. Ma. Trinitas Panelo Tabbu Concierge Specialist
NAME Position
Mr. Jemarson P. Parallag PR Officer
Mr. Jennifer Castañeda PR Officer
Ms. Haydee Dalire Graphic Artist